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We are hiring!!

Environmental Officer – NSMA Environment Department



  • Job Type: Full-time indeterminate.

  • Work Format: Work will take place in-person at NSMA office locations and field sites, with occasional travel to other locations. Possibility of remote work while relocating to Yellowknife.

  • Hours of Work: Regular office hours are Monday to Friday at 7.5 hours/day (37.5 hours/week). Fieldwork hours may vary. May be required to work occasional overtime, evenings, and weekends.

Remuneration and Benefits:

  • $40-45/hour (commensurate with experience) following successful completion of a 6-month probation period at 90% of the full pay rate.

  • Travel benefit of $3699.80/year added to annual salary.

  • 2 weeks paid vacation in year 1 followed by 3 weeks paid vacation in Year 2.

  • Pension, health, and dental plan (Northern Employee Benefits Service).

  • Access to paid training and professional development. Field gear including winter clothing.

Application Instructions:

  • This job posting may be advertised online to increase visibility. Please apply by emailing a resume and cover letter specific to this job posting to with the subject “Environmental Officer – NSMA Environment Department” before Feb 20th, 2024.

  • When deciding among similar candidates, priority consideration will be given to NSMA members.


The North Slave Métis Alliance (NSMA) is a non-profit society based in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. We are an Indigenous Government Organization which represents Indigenous Métis people of the Great Slave region of the Northwest Territories (NWT) who possess Aboriginal rights protected under s. 35 of The Constitution Act, 1982. Our mandate is 1) the assertion, protection, and implementation of the Aboriginal rights of Métis people, and 2) the exercise of Métis responsibility to protect the environment and to promote and enhance Métis education, economic, social, political, and cultural development. To learn more visit:

The NSMA Environment Department is a multidisciplinary team of environmental professionals. We undertake a variety of activities to support the NSMA’s mandate including consultation and engagement, research and monitoring fieldwork, training, community services delivery, and the operation of a community camp. We are also increasing our involvement in private sector environmental and engineering consulting through our economic development arm Metcor Inc.



  • Reporting to the Environment Department Manager, the Environmental Officer will lead a variety of files relating to NSMA’s participation in major environmental assessment processes which may include the Regional Strategic Environmental Assessment for the Slave Geological Province (RSEA-SGP), the Lockhart All-season Road (LASR), Pine Point, and various other projects that may arise. A large portion of the job will be devoted to working with processes established under the Mackenzie Valley Resource Management Act including Renewable Resource Boards, Land and Water Boards, Environmental Impact Review Boards, The Governments of Canada and Northwest Territories, and Indigenous Governments

  • Contribute to environmental monitoring and field research programs in all seasons. We have several ongoing monitoring projects including winter road caribou monitoring, several water quality and contaminants sampling programs, and a community-based species at risk monitoring program. Our fieldwork also includes training, occasional community events on the land, and work at the community camp. We include community members in our operations wherever possible.

  • Contribute to private sector environmental consulting and/or engineering work with the business wing of the Environment Department. We are actively working to increase NSMA’s participation in the natural resource sector with respect to the remediation economy (i.e., contaminated sites like Giant Mine and current/future closures of diamond mines) and new projects associated with the critical minerals boom

  • Represent NSMA on various environmental governance and funding committees, boards, and working groups.

  • Contribute to building organizational capacity, and improving occupational health and safety.

  • Budget, apply for grants and contribution agreements, manage funds, track expenditures, and handle financial reporting.

Mandatory Requirements – Please include where relevant in your resume / cover letter

(1) Skills/Qualifications

  • Legally entitled to work in Canada.

  • Clean driving record with valid Class 5 driver’s license or equivalent driver’s license from another jurisdiction (must be able to operate light commercial vehicles such as pick-up trucks).

  • Must be able to be trained in the operation of motorized watercraft, snowmobiles/ATVs. It is not required to currently know how to operate – training will be provided. Must be comfortable with occasional travel in helicopters and small aircraft.

  • Must possess or be able to obtain a possession acquisition license for firearms (requires clean criminal record).

  • Must be physically fit to perform fieldwork including the ability to hike through irregular terrain, carry a pack and lift objects >50lbs, and work in adverse environmental conditions which may include rain, extreme cold/heat, smoke, insects.

  • Ability to work in a team and independently, and to supervise staff and community members.

  • Ability to budget and manage finances.

  • Familiarity with contemporary Indigenous issues, Canada’s north, and environmental laws and regulations. A basic understanding of Aboriginal rights and their interactions with land claims and development.

  • Demonstrated ability to critically analyze technical and scientific documents and to use analytical tools including GIS.

  • Very good communication skills (oral and written) ease of speaking in public.

  • Advanced Microsoft Office skills for writing reports, formatting data, and giving presentations

(2) Education

  • A bachelor’s degree in a STEM field related to environmental sciences or environmental engineering.

  • Other fields of study may be considered if clear links to the job position can be demonstrated. Other combinations of work and educational experience may be considered if demonstrably equivalent (e.g., 2-3 years of STEM post-secondary combined with 2-3+ years of applied relevant experience)

(3) Experience

  • 2+ years of full-time experience in any combination of positions related to the environmental sector, natural resources, or northern/Indigenous governance.

  • Experience conducting project management functions individually and with others, including planning/proposal writing, working with budgets and finances, collecting data/information and writing synthesis reports, communicating results.

  • Experience conducting regulatory, environmental, scientific, and technical reviews, and writing reports of a similar nature; equivalencies will be considered.

  • Experience conducting environmental fieldwork in remote environments; equivalencies such as experience hunting, camping, or being a long-time land user will be considered.

Assets – These are not mandatory but highly desirable. Please include where relevant in your resume/cover letter

  • Graduate degree (i.e., M.Sc. or Ph.D.) or diploma in a relevant discipline.

  • Any experience or education relating to Indigenous affairs, Canada’s north, environmental law, environmental governance, resource extraction, or community/public engagement.

  • Experience using environmental monitoring devices including sampling gear, probes, game cameras, audio recorders.

  • Experience operating or fixing boats and/or off-road vehicles such as ATVs and snowmobiles.

  • Experience with property/grounds/camp maintenance, including the use of power tools.

  • Certifications including Intermediate First Aid, worker’s safety, boater safety and operations, drone operator, predator defense training, firearms, and other courses related to safety and environment.

  • Any private sector environmental/engineering consulting experience and relevant professional designations including PENG, PBIO, EP etc.

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