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Membership Available Services

Below is a list of some of the services we provide to our members. If there is something you are looking for that is not listed below, let us know! 


Gear & Equipment

We have a wide assortment of gear available for members to use for free! All you need to do is sign the gear out and return it in the same condition. Some items include: 

  • Cameras and equipment

  • General fishing gear

  • Chairs (camping, ice fishing, folding chairs)

  • Ice fishing tent

  • Wall tent and wood stove

  • Camping tents

  • Sleeping bags (winter and summer ratings)

  • Winter survival gear

  • GPS units

  • inReach

  • Canoes

  • Wildlife trail cameras

  • General safety gear

  • Trucks, skidoos, trailers (depending on activity)

  • Meat grinder

  • Laptops, tablets, other electronics

Free Training Opportunities

We want to support our members in building or enhancing their personal and professional development. If there is a course that can help you grow in your career, please reach out to us. Some examples might include:

  • First aid courses (e.g., intermediate first aid, wildness first aid, wilderness first responder, etc.)

  • Firearms courses (e.g., predator defence, Canadian firearms safety course for a firearms license, etc.)

  • Vehicle and tool operator courses (e.g., ATV operator, boater safety and operations, snowmobile safety, chainsaw safety, etc.)

  • Survival courses (e.g., wilderness survival, predator defence, etc.)

  • Environmental monitoring courses

  • Other courses for personal and/or professional development


On the Land Incentive Program

If you go hunting, fishing, berry picking, or travelling on the land, NSMA wants to know what you see! Fill out the form and email once completed.


Documenting this information is very important to record members' land usage and also to develop a baseline of critical environmental concerns and wildlife observations. Your experiences could inform NSMA’s future monitoring and research work. You will be compensated for sharing this information with us.  

Paid Opportunities

Honoraria is provided for the following:

  • Fieldwork day trips (e.g., water sampling and wildlife trail camera check with NSMA ice; winter road wildlife patrols; Old Fort Rae trips), mine site visits

  • Attending consultation meetings for wildlife, industry regulation, or traditional knowledge workshops. We have many opportunities for members to continuously sit on committees or complete one-time events

  • Contract bid opportunities with governments for NSMA member businesses (e.g., Giant Mine remediation)


Other Support Programs 

  • CHAP (community harvest assistance program) – funding for harvesters

  • Wild meat (we distribute meat from our harvesters to our members)

  • Scholarships and educational support funding

  • Gear for on-the-land activities free for members' usage

Community Garden

To offset the ever-increasing high cost of groceries in Yellowknife and to provide high-quality healthy food, NSMA is building a community garden in 2023 at 32 Melville Drive where the harvest of fresh fruit and vegetables will go directly to its local members. This will also provide an opportunity for members to become a stronger community by increasing healthy connections with each other.


When food is ready to share, the garden coordinator (who will maintain the garden) will host a harvester’s table once a week for two hours throughout the summer for members to collect their food. A demonstration table will be set up to share valuable information with members including food preparation and preservation, composting, and home-made fertilizers.


A composting program has already begun where members can drop off their kitchen scraps and organic materials to the NSMA office.


At harvest time, NSMA will host an end of season celebration and contribute to the potluck event with dishes using fresh produce.

Plant Shed
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