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The NSMA is not against development or resource developers. For at least 200 years, the North Slave Metis have played a key role in the economic, social, and cultural life and development of the North Slave region. This is a role that we wish to strengthen and continue well into the future. It is imperative that we become re-empowered to preserve and rebuild our culture, community, and traditions on our terms, while maintaining stewardship of our lands, in spite of the roadblocks and obstacles that governments and industry have thrown at us.

NSMA Business Service Offerings Winter 2024

Metcor Inc. and affiliated


  • Camp catering services

  • Powerline construction

  • General contracting

  • Site medical services

  • Heavy duty haul trucking, including bulk fuel and prill

  • Cement and shotcrete

  • Contaminated site remediation and demolition


Metcor Environmental


  • Environmental consulting and monitoring

  • Engineering and geotechnical

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Marc Whitford

President, Metcor Inc. and Metcor Environmental. / 867-444-7977


Noah Johnson

Manager, Metcor Environmental. / 613-804-2668


Alan Varghese Alex

Assistant Manager, Metcor Environmental. / 709-691-6471

Business Highlights

1. Metcor Inc. & Joint Venture Approach

The NSMA renamed and incorperated Metcor Inc. in 1998 as its subsidiary umbrella business firm. Metcor Inc. has successfully engaged in joint ventures and other business arrangements with various southern and local firms. This joint venture methodology enables NSMA/Metcor Inc., and its  partners to provide safety-oriented, technically competent, high-quality cost-effective services to the natural resources sector within the Northwest Territories. We have provided significant services to the diamond mines for many years, and we are also looking to assert ourselves as participants in the remediation economy and critical minerals boom. Metcor is pleased to highlight two of our flagship Joint Ventures:

2. Metcrete Services Ltd.

This joint venture company proudly represents a DeBeers Canada, Snap Lake Mine, legacy business that came into being through the IBA signed between DeBeers Canada and the NSMA in 2006. The NSMA used all of the funds from the signing of the IBA in order to acquire lands and machinery and then set up a fully functioning shotcrete and cement bagging plant to serve all of the mines plus southern industry as detailed below. Today, NSMA/Metcor Inc, with it’s joint venture partner fully owns and operates a facility to cost effectively provide shotcrete, grout materials, and cement to all of the diamond mines and southern industry including specialized engineering services as needed.

  • Metcrete Services Ltd is a joint venture between Multicrete (Winnipeg) and Metcor since late 2005.

  • The Spruce Grove Plant is located in Spruce Grove Alberta and is now a fully paid up plant and land.

  • Services: Shotcrete production and supply, cement bagging to the mines and other technical engineering services to the mines and supply of specialized cement to the Alberta oil industry.

  • A five-year contract with DIAVIK Diamond Mine with the FY2017 winter road production of 23,000 1.8 metric tonne bags of cement supplied to this mine alone.

  • The ability to greatly enlarge the production of all product to meet the needs of projects such as the Giant Mine Remediation Project (GMRP).

  • The Plant Manager is Mr. Wilfred Day – 1 (780) 980-6692

3. Metshaw Freighters Ltd.

Metshaw Freighters Ltd came into being in 2009 and continues to offer haul services to the diamond mines.

  • A joint venture between Grimshaw Trucking L.P. and Metcor.

  • Located at Yellowknife & Edmonton.

  • Leased and developed property in Yellowknife for lay down yards and backed up by maintenance shop spaces in a separate yard.

  • Managers: Gary Leddy, Craig Schmidt and William Enge.

  • Services: Provision of trucking services for general freight hauls and specialized large equipment and outsized loads to the mines including storage services as needed.

  • Current haul contracts to two of the mines including DeBeers Gahcho Kue.

Member Owned Businesses


Owned by Shirley, Kyle and Dylan Coumont

(867) 873-2272 |


Owned by Shirley Coumont

(867) 445-8373 |


Cailey Mercredi


Owned by Gordon Arychuk 

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