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North Slave Métis Alliance represents Métis from the Northern region of Great Slave Lake in the Northwest Territories.

Vision & Values 

North Slave Métis Alliance's mandate includes: The assertion, protection, and implementation of the Aboriginal rights of the North Slave Métis People; and the exercise of Métis responsibility to protect the environment and to promote and enhance Métis education, economic, social, and cultural development.




Our collective vision of the future is for our people to have unrestrained access to healthy lands, clean water, and traditional harvests; which is essential when connecting with our roots, culture and one another.


It is important that our long history on the land is acknowledged and respected by all. We aspire to be a fully recognized Indigenous Government by the Northwest Territories and Canada with a comprehensive claim agreement that will ensure prosperity and the protection of Métis rights for future generations.

We will continue to balance economic opportunities with environmental protection to ensure our community remains employed while maintaining access to their traditional lands. 

We will sit at the table and participate in important conversations and decision-making to ensure North Slave Métis voices are represented and heard. 

  • Promote the importance of respect for all: all people and their backgrounds, wildlife, and the environment.

  • Provide clean country foods, community and cultural activities and general support for our membership

  • Sharing is an important practice in our cultural history and we will continue this into the future.

  • Preservation of culture and knowledge is critical.

Environment Department

The environment team is comprised of technical staff. We attend an assortment of meetings such as wildlife co-management meetings, mining and industry engagement sessions and other workshops where we represent the North Slave Métis. We ensure that decisions at these meetings do not infringe on Métis rights. 



Our goal is to promote successful joint ventures with industry and work closely with the mining community and our partners. 

Lands & Culture Department

Our Lands & Culture Department was created in 2024 and is comprised of two staff and 10 community members through a Community Advisory Committee. This department intends to directly service the needs of our community members. 

North Slave Métis Traditional Territory

This map is based on currently available information and may be updated as further evidence is acquired and analyzed. 

Stay Posted! 

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